About Us

GetMyNutri has been created by Nutrtion Services Research Inc, in 2007. NSR Inc was established as an affiliate of Pronutri and Activa labs. Importer and distributor of Activa and Nutripuncture lines, www.getmynutri.com had for goal to offer a way to our customer to purchase products from these two lines. 

Today GetMyNutri has extended its goal by providing complete and accurate information to people who want to try an alternative solution with effective and quality products.

Based in Miami, FL, NSR Inc makes sure products are complying with the industry rules and get approved by the FDA. It also garantees the quality of the products and works directly with the producers in France. It supports practitioners, users and development of Nutripuncture and Activa in the US.

About GetMyNutri

GetMyNutri is the official online distributor for Nutripuncture and Activa products.

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