Allergic rhinitis (Hay Fever)

Allergic rhinitis (Hay Fever)

Spring is the favorite season for allergies. Some of us get more sensitive to Pollen, Dust and other particles in the air. From sneezing to nose and throat irritation symptoms are easily indentified and can become annoying. In Nutripuncture we have seen that allergies mainly disturb meridians from Kidney Bladder family. 

Working on specific point of this system, we are able to support two main meridians involved in allergies, Meridian 09 (origin) and Meridian 29 (communication) and to improve undesired effects related to allergies.


Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 27, 09, 37, 02, 04 + 30, 13, 34, 27, 08
For men: 27, 09, 38, 02, 04 + 30, 13, 34, 27, 08

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