Coping with Physical and Psychological Trauma

Coping with Physical and Psychological Trauma

Once we have adopted our sexual body and our male or female polarity has been integrated, we are at long last qualified to assume command of this “vehicle/body.” We are now physically capable of controlling our bodies/selves in a way that allows us to fully experience life as well as governing the impact of that experience on our psychophysical balance. However we have seen that certain stresses and traumas can exceed the selfregulation capacities of our organism and weaken specific circuits, to the point of interfering with our psycho-emotional balance. This is what happens when people, disturbed by their environment, lose control of their body and can no longer manage to express themselves in harmony with their identity. Here, Sequential Nutripuncture plays a significant role by stimulating the overworked circuits thus affected or even exhausted.

The Events of Life: Stressors or Stimuli?
Nutripuncture makes it possible to deal with the various forms of stress most of us encounter in life, although we are not always aware of the impact they are having on our vitality. It is only after we have restored drive to the most weakened vital currents that we can truly evaluate their burden and realize the extent of the pain and discomfort we were carrying. Many clinical observations over a period of several years have made it possible to decode the body language linked to critical life experiences and locate the meridian lines implied in the psychophysical management of certain events, a few of which are described here.

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