Memory of a Trauma

The cellular memory of an accident can also affect our overall dynamic, causing a general disordered state of our organism and inducing various diseases. Each time the body undergoes a physical shock (such as a car accident or a fall), even if it is an old event, valuable information circulating at the time of the accident remains fixed in memory, especially at the bone level. This disrupts the biological rhythms and the individual’s temporal anchoring, essential ingredients for our vitality.

Invigorating the circuits weakened by the trauma promotes the integration of this information to find a better structural balance, at the physical and psychological level. This encourages the individual’s ability to anchor him or herself in his or her personal space and time.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 17, 27, 09, 37, 34 + 16, 12, 27, 02, 17
For men: 17, 27, 09, 38, 34 + 16, 12, 27, 02, 17

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