Abortion: A Stress that Is Often Repressed

Abortion is always a challenging event, even if there is every reason in the world to go through with this procedure. It is understandable why a woman, facing the hardships of life and the choices it imposes upon her, can choose abortion, as this is sometimes the only solution imaginable. No matter the motive (good or bad), it always leaves a deep wound at the cellular level, where hidden pain remains in a latent state for years, preventing the woman from fully living life to the fullest extent. Certain women even manage to completely repress this event from their memory, but it is only temporary, since it is ultimately important to recognize it and “digest it” at the cellular level.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
The following meridians can be stimulated in this order: 28, 22, 33, 26, and 12.
After this first series, the second series of meridian lines to stimulate is: 19, 27, 02, 08, and 03.

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