Divorce: A Physical Separation

Marriage, whether civil, religious, or a simple union, deeply engages each partner in its success and involves key behavioral modifications. Thus, in the event of separation or divorce, it has been seen that certain bonds, products of the “hooked atoms” that allowed the classic “love at first sight” phenomenon, usually become difficult to break, making it difficult for a person to find individual freedom and psychophysical autonomy. Divorce can be a traumatizing experience even if, in certain cases, it can appear to be liberation. It has been shown that there will always be a cellular memory of the bonds created between the two people, based on the behavioral system they maintained during their relationship. It is therefore important to reinforce the circuits that were most affected during this time in order to recover one’s own identity reference points and freedom.

In order to integrate this separation on the emotional and cognitive levels and recover some kind of serenity, the meridians involved in this kind of experience and often weakened by it can be given support. The people who have employed the following protocol have described it as helping them to turn an apparently negative experience to their advantage. Once the impact on the vital currents was been integrated, it became beneficial and gave them what they needed to really make a “new start.”
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 30, 09, 22, 15, 33 + 17, 37, 11, 32, 33
For men: 30, 09, 22, 15, 33 + 17, 38, 11, 32, 33

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