Rape: One of the Most Devastating Traumas

In body language, rape is experienced as a vicious attack to one’s integrity, which affects the skin, our physical and sensory “frontier.” Sometimes other seemingly minor events can be perceived as an assault, causing psychological violence and humiliation. Even if the victim is conscious of the psychophysical repercussions of this event, its emotional, moral and physical burden always remains in memory. Subconsciously, to protect themselves from the shock, people can block all thought of a traumatic event, although it remains etched in their cellular memory.

To restore their lost integrity, it is necessary to restore the circuits that were disrupted by this act of denial.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women, this order of meridian lines should be stimulated: 35, 33, 07, 03, and 37.
Once this is done, the following meridian lines can then be stimulated: 03, 24, 02, 08, and 07.
For men, this order of meridian lines should be stimulated: 36, 33, 06, 03, and 38.
Then the following meridian lines can be stimulated: 03, 14, 02, 08, and 06.

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