Remorse and Forgiveness

True forgiveness is very often the hardest thing in the world to achieve because, at the cellular level, we are not always able to “move on.” In certain cases, the reaction can be very violent: “ To forgive? Never! I’d rather die.” On the other hand, many people have the impression they have forgiven another person or themselves, but this is often an illusion, as the information has not really been circulated through the corresponding circuits. Their impression is a purely intellectual, mental projection.

The stimulation of disrupted vital currents enables us to become aware of our festering wounds and to find certain serenity in attaining cellular forgiveness.
When the meridians that govern the feeling of humility have been properly regulated, cellular forgiveness can indeed be obtained. This alleviates latent agony, which can stick to an individual throughout their entire life, condition troubled behavior, and lay the foundations for psychosomatic disorders.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 37, 23, 04, 12, 11 + 26, 03, 34, 23, 32
For men: 38, 23, 04, 12, 11 + 26, 03, 34, 23, 32

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