The suicide of a loved one is experienced completely differently than a natural or accidental death. Scarring on specific meridian lines can be seen, which has a particular impact on the mental level. Those who have tried to commit suicide, as well as those who have lost a loved one to suicide or witnessed a suicide, suffer a disruption of the fundamental flow of their vital currents. The memory of this action, recorded at the cellular level, runs the risk of coming back to the surface at the time of a severe stress. The information it reactivates can be hard for the cerebral cortex to control.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
The following meridians lines can be invigorated in order to disarm a pain, sometimes deeply buried, which is gaining the upper hand over our desire to live:
For women: 33, 37, 11, 02, 34 + 09, 08, 17, 02, 11
For men: 33, 38, 11, 02, 34 + 09, 08, 17, 02, 11

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