Acknowledging Your Father and Mother to Better

Position Yourself as a Daughter or Son

In the family triangle, two essential aspects need to be recognized and integrated. The first relates to the independent expression of the traditional three main players of the family unit: the man and the woman, in their reciprocal relationship of mutual recognition, and the child, girl or boy, as an individual containing all the potential of the adult he or she will grow up to be.
The second aspect relates to the maternal and paternal role in which the couple has been invested since conception. Every couple with children has connected to the evolutionary line of humankind, and to its genetic memory and relational experience, which has been honed and refined for thousands upon thousands of years. By the same token, a couple allows a third character, the child, to fit into this evolutionary chain.
Becoming aware of one’s paternal or maternal role in the evolutionary line of humanity is what makes it possible to acknowledge one’s child as a son or a daughter. More importantly it allows parents to create a healthy distance from their child, by offering themselves to be like a bow with which the child projects him or herself forward into life, without fusion or possession. In short, this manifests what the poet Khalil Gibran wrote about children: “they do not belong to us, they arrive through us; they are children of life.” This enables the child, completely naturally,
to assume the role of son or daughter to each parent, as well as to recognize him- or herself, along with his or her progenitors and ancestors, as links in the long chain of human affiliation, without any fusion or identity confusion.
In Nutripuncture it has been verified that when a person has deep conflicts about their parents, and therefore an unconscious refusal to belong to the chain of affiliation, different vital currents will deviate from their proper course. It would appear that many allergy problems (such as to lactose, gluten, pollens) can develop in this terrain.
After stimulating the meridian lines involved here with a specific Sequential Nutripuncture protocol, we can better situate ourselves as a son or daughter, with regard to our mother and father, and feel this broader connection with the human evolutionary line to which we all belong. This is why some practitioners often prescribe the sequence below for children who have trouble asserting themselves or finding their true place with respect to their parents.
If you have been adopted and do not know who your biological parents are, you can use this same protocol for strengthening your own feelings of belonging to the chain of affiliation.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 27, 09, 37, 02, 04 + 30, 13, 34, 27, 08
For men: 27, 09, 38, 02, 04 + 30, 13, 34, 27, 08
Maternal: 26, 02, 33, 37, 12 + 08, 12, 04, 11, 28
Paternal: 08, 38, 32, 16, 30 + 02, 08, 01, 34, 33

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