Expressing Your Femininity or Virility in Adulthood

In Nutripuncture when we speak about polarity, we are referring to a yang energy (virility) and a yin energy (femininity), which manifest quite openly during puberty. This sensitivity is quite different from the sex drive impulses (male and female) present since birth. The appearance of the secondary sex organs (breasts for young girls or Adam’s apple for young boys) cements the puberty stage, which is now quite visible in the upper part of the body and offers access to another psychological level of expression.

Normally during adulthood, it is the upper part of the body that regulates the impulses of the lower part of the body; this polarity regulates the sexual expression of the individual, governed by meridian line 06 (Penis) or 07 (Vagina). Puberty is a fundamental passage, activating inborn information that is necessary for human sexuality and for stimulating the interactions between pelvis/
shoulders, sexuality/polarity, and impulse/integration. People who have had bad experiences during this period or who quite simply refuse to acknowledge this life change (going so far as actually rejecting their sex organs), often exhibit major behavioral disorders, related to the deviation of the various families of meridian lines.
You can acknowledge your femininity or virility by activating the meridian lines that have been most weakened. This is a basic step to living in harmony with Male or female sensibility your sexual body, a source of fulfillment for the mind and vital well-being for the body, and the foundation for establishing an essential identity landmark.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women, we can invigorate the circulation of the following meridian lines: 25, 15, 33, 37, and 07.
Following this first series, stimulate this series of meridians next: 05, 12, 07, 08, and 33.
For men, the circulation of the following meridian lines can be invigorated: 25, 15, 33, 38, and 06.
Following this first series, stimulate this series of meridians next: 05, 12, 06, 08, and 33.
If erectile dysfunction exists, this stimulation has proven itself extremely helpful, especially when used to supplement the Associative Nutripuncture protocol in which the General Cellular Nutritional Regulator is combined with activation of meridian lines 06, 14, and 36. You can use the Associative Nutripuncture protocol in the morning and the Sequential Nutripuncture protocol
in the evening.

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