Identifying with the Parent of the Same Sex

An Identity Trap

In family dynamics, the identification of the son with his father or the girl with her mother is a normal developmental progression of childhood, which can sometimes persist into adulthood. This identification, often revealed by a very profound mimetic attitude, is regarded as a natural consequence of affiliation.However, when an individual goes through life relying on an external model,
it insidiously induces disruptions of his or her ability to express a personal identity. This disturbs sensory perception, thereby weakening the individual’s psychological and behavioral dynamic. 
Psychoanalysts define this pathology as a reversed Oedipus complex. In Nutripuncture, we have seen that this behavior is the primary factor in the manifestation of obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD); it also triggers serious alterations in the sense of smell. The persistence of this identification with the father or the mother is more common than we might imagine. It is very probable that each one of us had to solve this fundamental problem of wanting to identify ourselves with the parent of the same sex. This desire is often fueled by the parent’s behavior, which unconsciously
adheres to the natural projections of the child, who, in his or her turn, relates to the parent’s point of view. Stimulating the pertinent meridians at least once during your life will support your expression of personal identity and reinforce your male or female sensory perceptions.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
Begin with the following meridian lines: 12, 09, 18, 37 or 38, and 30.
After this first series, the second series to be stimulated should be this sequence of meridian lines: 02, 24 or 14, 12, 30, and 08.

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