Menopause is a profound change, of a hormonal nature of course, which enables the woman to reach a new dimension of herself and makes it possible for her femininity to bloom in its deepest and most essential fashion. However, this is a complex transition—a true metamorphosis—that is fairly long and accompanied by several annoying factors. The halt of ovarian function severs the communication between the gonads and hypothalamus, and as hormone production becomes more erratic, it causes hot flashes and vaginal dryness. The vital currents, which already existed in a latent state before puberty, will gradually shape a new hormonal dynamic appropriate for a new season of life in the body.

Menopause has a very strong impact on a woman’s body clock, especially on the thyroid and its meridian line, which governs time. In this period of a woman’s life, Nutripuncture has proven effective as a very valuable “bodyguard” for offering general relief to the irritating symptoms that accompany menopause. It offers a means of invigorating the most weakened meridians in order to adjust before, during, and after menopause) hormonal fluctuations and restore complete vitality.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
The meridians on which the heaviest demands are made during menopause and therefore requiring stimulation are: 28, 27, 16, 31, and 34.
After this series, the second series to be stimulated are: 05, 27, 08, 31, and 23.

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