The Oedipus Complex: The Relationship with the Relative of the Opposite Sex

The standard description of the Oedipus complex focuses on the son’s desire (conscious or unconscious) to seduce his mother: he cannot stand his father and wants to monopolize the attention of his mother. With daughters it is normally the other way around. Often this Oedipal relationship is obvious, but it also sometimes exists in a latent state. Although the typical family structure has changed quite a bit in today’s world—single parents and same sex parents are a reality—the Oedipal complex is an obligatory transition etched within human cellular memory. It is an archetype

dwelling in the deepest regions of the mind. In some cases, it remains active during adulthood and can even persist for an entire lifetime, inducing behaviors that can affect romantic and family relationships. Sometimes, this Oedipal complex can emerge at the time of a new birth or can appear in a close attachment to a small child.
Based on the observations made in Nutripuncture research, an unresolved Oedipal attitude has an impact on the balance of several meridian lines: 04 (Heart), 30 (Gallbladder), and 02 (Cerebellum). In adulthood the combined disruption of these three meridian lines is a “marker” of an unresolved Oedipus complex. The terrain this creates can spawn various disorders such as imbalances of lipids (fundamental constituents of the nervous system) and physical and psychological disorders (cardiac problems, extreme dizziness, gallstones, and so on).
Stimulating the vital currents of these meridian lines makes it possible to restructure a healthy relationship with one’s parents (and children), to abandon infantile emotional projections, and to regain one’s proper place and role in the family.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
The following meridians should be stimulated to deal with this situation, in the order indicated: 04, 37 or 38, 34, 02, and 30.
After this first series the following sequence of meridian lines should be stimulated: 32, 03, 37 or 38, 01, and 24 or 14.

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