Meridian Line 01 of the Gift

This meridian line controls blood circulation, in particular the impulse and the projection of blood in the arteries. This impulse, which is both physical and mental, takes place in synergy with the venous return, allowing the exchange and sharing of resources. On the behavioral level, this circulation is seen in our ability to approach others, by the capacity to give (artery) but also to receive (veins). To refine and sharpen these communicational abilities, we can support the system of arterial communication with the following sequences.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 01, 34, 04, 08, 32 + 37, 11, 01, 08, 02
For men: 01, 34, 04, 08, 32 + 38, 11, 01, 08, 02

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