Meridian Line 04 of Decision and Rhythm

Heart rhythm depends on various regulating cores (Keith and Flack, Aschoff Tawara, Bundle of His), animated by circuits of particular meridian lines. Other rhythmic systems can condition its dynamic, in particular those relating to the Colon (Meissner and Auerbach). There are many factors capable of interfering with the balance of its meridian line. Emotional stress can affect its circulation and weaken the biological terrain of the organ to which it is connected. For this reason, following a stress of a sentimental nature, it is important to stimulate the potential of this meridian line in order to better manage our emotions. In this case, we reinforce its connections in the general network of the following vital currents.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 04, 01, 32, 08, 34 + 32, 08, 04, 02, 26
For men: 04, 01, 32, 08, 34 + 32, 08, 04, 02, 26

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