Meridian Line 08 of Cognitive Integration

The Cerebral Cortex forms the command center of the organism. This is why it is recommended that its meridian line be stimulated on a regular basis. The management of the vast amount of information with which it needs to deal and integrate can overwork the Cerebral Cortex. It can be strengthened in a very simple way with an Associative Nutripuncture protocol of Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang plus Nutri 08. Several other factors can affect the balance of the Cerebral Cortex. One of these is the metabolic center, its complementary pole. The regulation of its meridian lines, 11 and 30 conjointly with meridian line 06 is always helpful. A spatiotemporal imbalance can also disrupt its performance. If this is the case, the vital currents of spatio-temporal anchoring (27 and 28 for women, 27 and 21 for men), in combination with meridian line 08, can be stimulated. If you wish to restore the full dynamic of meridian line 08, the following circuits can be activated.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 03, 34, 08, 32, 35 + 20, 16, 04, 30, 37
For men: 03, 34, 08, 32, 36 + 20, 16, 04, 30, 38

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