Meridian Line 32 of Sight

This meridian line controls the anterior chamber of the Eye in its role as projector of the gaze. It enables us to clarify reality according to our individual mental projections. On the other hand, its complementary meridian line 23 ensures ourvisual reception, related to the posterior chamber of the eye. A simple Associative Nutripuncture protocol of Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang plus Nutris 23 and 32 is sufficient to activate this meridian line, in combination with its complementary meridians, and ensure a better visual acuity. The Visual Function: Look and You Shall See! Our outlook plays a key role in the expression of our humanity. Our visual impressions depend on the outlook we have on reality, often conditioned by our cellular memory, resulting from past experiences. Each structure of the eye is combined with specific meridian lines in connection with the five families. Their balance or imbalance can therefore have a direct impact upon our visual function. Projecting our own outlook, the mirror of our cognitive identity, is a fundamental action, which makes it possible for us to fully express all our vitality. This is expressed at the level of the sexual pole through the clitoris and the cervix for women, and the glans for men, which are both animated by the same vital currents. In order to restore a proper outlook that harmonizes with your true self, you can use the flowing protocol.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 32, 37, 23, 33, 08 + 12, 08, 32, 37, 34
For men: 32, 38, 23, 33, 08 + 12, 08, 32, 38, 34

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