Meridian Line 27 of Time

Reminder: This meridian line controls our biorhythms and our ability to anchor in space and time, indispensable for spatial orientation (meridian lines 28 for women, and 21 for men). This meridian line is involved in the rhythmic sequence of many bodily functions, thereby supporting self-regulation of the body’s biorhythms. Various biological or psychological disorders can arise from an imbalance of this meridian line. Whether circulation is reduced or excessive, it is important to help it assume its crucial role and position in the network of all the vital currents.

In the event of jet lag, especially in particularly sensitive people, one can use a specific Sequential Nutripuncture that respectively stimulates the meridians as follows.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 31, 09, 27, 35, 32 + 27, 31, 02, 12, 08
For men: 31, 09, 27, 36, 32 + 27, 31, 02, 12, 08

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