Meridian Line 31 of Alertness

With its sixty-seven points, located on parallel branches on either side of the spine, this line constitutes, on the one hand, a mirror of every organ (through its points known as “approvals”) and, on the other hand, it assumes the specific role of circulating the necessary information for the Bladder’s self-regulation. When the Bladder exhibits a functional disorder without any obvious cause, it is because an imbalance exists within this meridian line, often induced by a psychosomatic stress. Sometimes a lack of clarity or vigilance, or a refusal to face reality,is the reflection of poor circulation in this meridian line. Here the individual is only fooling himself, pulling the wool over his own eyes and living in complete illusion, thinking the moon is really “made of green cheese.” To invigorate meridian line 31 and get more clarity and alertness the following protocol is useful.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 09, 33, 29, 27, 31 + 22, 12, 31, 02, 30
For men: 09, 33, 29, 27, 31 + 22, 12, 31, 02, 30
The Bladder muscle also plays a fundamental role in the body’s posture, like a tensor of the muscular system in relation to the different fascia (aponeuroses connecting the different muscle chains). If this muscle is flaccid and lacks tone, the following meridian lines can be stimulated.
Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 23, 31, 16, 05, 33 + 24, 23, 16, 34, 08
For men: 23, 31, 16, 05, 33 + 24, 23, 16, 34, 08

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