Meridian Line 11 of Metabolic Activation

Meridian Line 11 of Metabolic Activation

A heavy demand is placed in these circuits, as they play a major role in activating the body’s energy center: the Liver. When a person’s body is severely overworked (too much food, alcohol, physical labor), it is under great strain and this condition can induce irritating and aggressive attitudes, often spontaneous and difficult to be controlled by the cerebral pole. In this case, it is important to strengthen the connections of this meridian line in the general network of vital currents in the following sequence.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 37, 29, 11, 33, 13 + 33, 35, 11, 08, 12
For men: 38, 29, 11, 33, 13 + 33, 36, 11, 08, 12

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