Meridian Line 05 of Organization

Meridian Line 05 of Organization

The role of this meridian line, complementary to the meridian line of the Lungs, ensures the balance of gaseous exchanges and intestinal peristalsis. The organ to which it is connected, the Colon, is very sensitive to hormonal fluctuations and also has a great influence on sexual expression. Its rhythm, influenced by the information of its neural plexuses (Meissner and Auerbach), is very sensitive to the environment and related lifestyle changes. The Colon meridian line modulates the individual’s “organizational” faculties and the ability to prioritize tasks. If you want to restore the Colon’s vitality within the organism’s overall balance, the following sequence is recommended.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 16, 09, 15, 05, 12 + 05, 12, 24, 02, 11
For men: 16, 09, 15, 05, 12 + 05, 12, 14, 02, 11

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