Meridian Line 20 of Breath

Meridian Line 20 of Breath

This meridian line governs vitality of the respiratory function and ensures selfregulation of the lungs. When air enters the respiratory tract, it is analyzed and recognized by the olfactory system. Then the information present in the ambient air is normally adopted, or integrated on the cerebral level by the rhinencephalon (which captures and memorizes olfactory intake). When pollens present in the air are not recognized, they can cause reactions such as a sinus infection. In any allergic reactions, the balance of meridian line 20 is always weakened, as well as meridian lines 25 and 12. There is also a very close relationship between the Kidneys/Bladder family, which manages the genetic legacy (origin) and the Lungs/Colon family, which makes it possible to give an individual flavor to this legacy. With this relationship in mind, it is important to reinforce the recognition of our origin (evoking the analogy between pollens, vegetable gametes, and the gametes from which we came) and the adoption of our body. This makes it possible to strengthen the biological terrain upon which respiratory disorders can develop, disorders which are sometimes of an allergic nature. Therefore, to restore vitality to meridian line 20 and reinforce its dynamic in the vital current network, the following protocol is recommended.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 29, 01, 11, 15, 20 + 32, 37, 20, 25, 12
For men: 29, 01, 11, 15, 20 + 32, 38, 20, 25, 12

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