Meridian Line 25 of Inspiration

Meridian Line 25 of Inspiration

This meridian line controls the recognition of aromatic information, plays an active role in balancing air cavities, olfactory perception, and the expression of feeling. Its dynamics are closely related to that of meridian line 12, regulating the balance of the rhinencephalon. This vital current can be activated in a very simple way by using the Associative Nutripuncture protocol of Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang plus Nutris 25 and 12, but to restore its full vitality and put it back i n s tep w ith t he overall c irculation of its network, t he following s equence is recommended.

Sequential Nutripuncture Protocol
For women: 24, 12, 07, 25, 15 + 25, 37, 15, 12, 08
For men: 14, 12, 06, 25, 15 + 25, 38, 15, 12, 08

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