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Category: Digestion

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Activa Chrono Digestion is formulated to act very quickly to facilitate good digestion and relieve digestive discomfort.

Ultra-­fast action to relieve stomachache and abdominal bloating.


Helps maintain the acid/base balance of the stomach with its association of 4 plants traditionally valued for their gastric and digestive benefits.


Ultra-fast action to support your gastrointestinal flora thanks to its 12 billion gastro-protected probiotics

Helps manage gastrointestinal flora levels.

Assists with comfortable digestion and healthy bowel function.



Stimulates intestinal transit, thus allowing the elimination of accumulated waste. It combines 4 algae whose wealth in soluble fibre contributes to cleaning and sanitising the intestines.


Synergy of natural active ingredients with relaxing and sedative properties for daily digestive comfort.



Gastric Well Being from Activa helps to maintain the acid/basic balance of the stomach pH.
It relieves gastric acidity and heartburn, supports digestion and reduces bloating.

Synergy of 4 strains of bacteria carefully selected for their safety and complementary action and 3 prebiotics that promote the development of probiotics.