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Micro minerals blend to reduce your back pain

**This product will be different for man and woman.


Activa Circulation Chrono is formulated to act very quickly to restore better circulatory comfort due to prolonged-release, that’s 8 hours of action!

Its maintain circulatory comfort and the venous tone, better venous return, integrity of capillary and venous walls, reduces swelling and antioxidant protection.

Activa Well Being Blood Pressure is a natural solution to support the vascular system in the body by facilitating blood circulation and arterial pressure with the synergistic action of plant combined together.

Synergistic action of plants acting at several levels to regulate blood circulation and blood pressure.

The natural synergistic solution to help keep cholesterol at a healthy level

Heavy, tired legs, varicose veins and poor circulation are all signs of poor venous tone.

Well Being Circulation contains a synergistic combination of 4 plants that are known to support a healthier blood circulation at several levels:


Supports healthy joints with flexibility, pain relief, strong cartilage but most importantly reduction of inflammation.

Joint inflammation is often the source of pain and cartilage destruction in the joints.
Packed with anti-inflammatory active ingredients, Activa Well Being Joint restores healthy joints and promotes the natural construction of cartilage by the body.