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Gastric Well Being from Activa helps to maintain the acid/basic balance of the stomach pH.
It relieves gastric acidity and heartburn, supports digestion and reduces bloating.


Activa Well Being Hair is here to help you fight hair loss, stimulate growth of existing and new hair and improve hair quality & vitality naturally.
The nourishing and stimulating properties of this complex fight the factors responsible for hair loss (sebum excess, poor micro-circulation and oxidation).


Activa Well Being Immunity is a natural way to strengthen the body’s defenses and boost the body’s ability to fight infection and help soothe the airways.

This product has been developed using the concept of Phytovitality, a patented technology based on Microgranules that protects 96% of plants active ingredients for targeted release. 



Supports healthy joints with flexibility, pain relief, strong cartilage but most importantly reduction of inflammation.

Joint inflammation is often the source of pain and cartilage destruction in the joints.
Packed with anti-inflammatory active ingredients, Activa Well Being Joint restores healthy joints and promotes the natural construction of cartilage by the body.


The natural solution to improving your brain functions, maintaining your cardiac functions, and supporting your visual function.

The 6000 TG, an oil from a wild deep-water fish of the cold seas (in a very pure version), and the fish 1812 TG contain in a natural state a high concentration of long-chain Omega-3: EPA and DHA, which are well known for their action on the cognitive lipid functions and for maintaining normal cardiac (EPA/DHA) and visual (DHA) functions.

The EPA and DHA work synergistically to boost each other’s action.


A natural and comprehensive response tailored to regain well-being and comfort of sexual function.

Activa Well Being Respiration is the natural solution to help you breathe more easily.

Soothes your airways and soften your throat naturally.


A natural complex designed to act naturally on daily stress and irritability to relax and find peace of mind.

A natural biocompatible complex that supports skin cells from the inside because of its formula, a complex of marine collagen and elastin peptides , and enhances its youthful glow . Hydrosoluble keratin  penetrates and optimally  which reduced the size of wrinkles during a clinical observation. The formula helps to revitalize the skin

Well Being SkinGlow ’ s powerful natural active ingredients are amino-dynamized into essential fatty nourishes the cells that need it most in order to restore your skin’ s radiance. acids (cystine and threonine) to create the synergic effect needed for its overall action.