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Activa Nutri Pollen


Micro minerals blend for seasonal changes & pollen allergy 

**This product will be different for man and woman.



With the arrival of Spring, the body is required to adapt itself to new biorhythms (change of temperature, pollens…). During this transition, the organism can be weakened and fatigue, catching a cold,  a runny nose or allergies can be expressed.

Activa Nutri Pollen supports the body through this change and reinforces its resistance to the stressors associated with these changes. Seasonal changes (even in countries close to the equator) may induce temporary weaknesses that need to be supported. 

Formulation explained:

Trace minerals are micro minerals which are essential to life and to optimal body functions. They are present in the organism in low quantities. They play a specific and fundamental role in the body biological process and carry information. A deficiency can often be the cause of various daily ailments (stress, fatigue, sleep difficulties…).

Activa Nutri products have been developed by doctors thanks to their clinical observations in a French private clinic specialized in minerals research. In the course of their research, they noticed that the combination of different minerals might have an impact and rebalance a “problem” field. Activa Nutri blends comprise exclusively of specific active ingredients, selected for their high nutritional properties as well as their synergistic action potential.

The microminerals used by Activa Nutri are blended in a specific sequential protocol in order to avoid any interaction with other agents. This specific blend guarantees biocompatibility and bioavailability for better absorption and safety for the body, with no side effects or dependency.


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