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The microbiota reinforces immunity

The microbiota reinforces immunity

A stable intestinal flora not only strengthens the natural defenses, but also acts on the vaginal and urinary flora. But then, what does your intestinal flora consist of? What role does the microbiota play in your immunity? 

The belly, this second brain of the human being

Our intestines are home to 100,000 billion bacteria, from 400 different species, which make up the intestinal flora. Among these species, some are harmless or beneficial to the body and others, potentially pathogenic, are too few to have a harmful effect.

The intestinal microbiota or intestinal flora plays a fundamental role in digestion (synthesis of vitamins and micronutrients, assimilation of nutrients) and in the functioning of our immune system.

 Strengthened immune defenses for the whole family

More than half of our immunity is found in our intestines. Intestinal immunity is made up of an intestinal mucous membrane that houses lymphoid follicles used to produce immune cells as well as friendly bacteria that make up the intestinal flora. The intestinal flora has 3 main functions: 

To protect us from microbes 

Maintain the integrity of our intestinal mucous membrane (real protective barrier) 

Interact with our immune system 

How to take care of your intestinal microbiota?

With prebiotic and probiotic foods. So to avoid getting sick, follow our advice!

To regularly consume food fibres to bring enough prebiotics which will nourish your flora. You will find them in plants rich in fiber (fresh fruits and vegetables such as artichoke, banana, fig, onion, garlic), whole grains gluten-free (rice, quinoa, millet), seaweed, mushrooms, etc..  

Consume probiotics. Friendly bacteria that will strengthen your flora, improve your transit, and boost your immunity. You will find them in yogurt, fermented milk, kefir, kombucha, miso soups and sauerkraut.

Avoid pesticides by eating organic

Avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics

Chew and eat slowly

Limit the consumption of sugars and red meats

Eat oily fish three times a week

Consume food supplements that contain good live bacteria.

Strengthen your body with 12 billion microbiotes! 

Why not take a food supplement? Integrated into your daily routine, taking a food supplement effectively strengthens your immune system. 

Let's take PreBioPro Wellness as an example:

It is composed of a synergy of 4 probiotics and 3 prebiotics.

It supports the development of good bacteria.

It helps to reinforce the immune defenses.

It improves the transit and assimilation of nutrients.

It helps the reconstitution of the intestinal flora. (in case of antibiotic intake, diarrhea, stress).

It helps young children's digestion and immunity. (especially if they have not been breastfed or born by caesarean section)

These vegetarian capsules are formulated with gastro-protected microgranules, with prolonged beneficial effects to rebalance discomforts. The patented micro-encapsulation technology protects the microbial bacteria from heat, crushing and high acidity conditions. This ensures easier storage conditions and a better passage of the gastric barrier.

All the richness of nature at your fingertips, in complete serenity. They are 100% natural, without side effects, do not cause addiction or annoying effects.

You only need one capsule per day before breakfast to restore an intestinal balance! This solution is perfectly tolerated by all and is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as for children from 3 years old (by opening the capsule)

Use the benefits of natural active ingredients to promote the reconstitution of the intestinal flora, for the balance of the body and natural defenses. Nature is our friend!

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