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Welcome to getmynutri.dev.stevegates.co, your new journey into vitality, health and perfect support for the body !

GetMyNutri is the place to buy all your Nutripuncture and Activa products. These two product lines have been exclusively developed in France by Dr. Patrick Veret, and offer you the best holistic supplement system available at any price.

With a complete respect for the balanced human body in its totality and using the most uniquely advanced technologies, Nutripuncture and Activa are your answers to the pressing health challenges of today. Support your body to perform optimally with your mind, cells and DNA and all their interactions with the stressors of the external environment perfectly addressed


Our know-how in developing complexes gives us a great deal of expertise in the formulation and combination of natural active ingredients so that they all act with the best possible synergy and confer maximum efficiency to our ranges. We develop our ranges with the permanent concern of taking the bioavailability and biocompatibility of our nutritional supplements into account. We attach great importance to developing our complexes, so that they are «micronutritional».


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