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What is Nutripuncture® ?

It is a unique holistic and natural methodolgy that uses micro-nutrients to energize and balance the body vital currents and stimulate cells self-regulation. Its foundations come from a combination of scientific Western and Eastern knowledge fields including: the theory of complex systems, Epigenetics, Chinese Medecine, Quantum physics, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology. Nutripuncture strengthens communication and the cooperation of all cell groups, thereby ensuring coherence and the psychosomatic integrity of the person.

Supporting cellular self-regulation with natural elements

Nutripuncture is an innovative holistic and natural modality that uses micro – nutrients to energize and balance the vital currents in the body and stimulate auto-regulation at the cellular level. Using trace mineral blends, Nutripuncture assists the body’s own innate ability to maintain and increase its vital potential by activating self-regulation to optimally interact with its ever changing environment.

"In the beginning, however,
it was surgery that interested
me the most because it allowed
to treat a problem at its root."

researcher, writer and 
founder of Nutripuncture 

The functions and vital currents of a Cell

Vital currents stimulate the communication, cooperation and coordination of all sectors of the organism through the meridians system. When well-balanced, these vital currents nourish the body and we are better able to manage our emotions and achieve our sensory, creative and cognitive potential.

When the circulation is encouraged, the body is provided with new impulses that reduce the impact of stress on our vitality and neutralize the information that has weakened our vital currents.

The tools of Nutripuncture: Polymetallic Complexes

The 38 mineral complexes, used in Nutripuncture, give life to a language that the body recognizes and responds to in a coherent way. The emergent properties of the combined Nutriments stimulate the harmonious circulation of information in the vital currents in an incisive and almost immediate way. In this way, each cell can exchange its vital information with others in real time. This leads to significant changes in the individual, which can be observed at the level of voice, posture, gestures and, more generally, well-being.

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