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Well-being Skin Glow

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Well being Skin Glow

A natural biocompatible complex that supports skin cells from the inside because of its formula, a

complex of marine collagen and elastin peptides , and enhances its youthful glow .

Hydrosoluble keratin  penetrates and optimally  which reduced the size of wrinkles during a clinical observation. ** The formula helps to revitalize the skin


Well Being SkinGlow ’ s powerful natural active ingredients are amino-dynamized into essential fatty

nourishes the cells that need it most in order to restore your skin’ s radiance. acids (cystine and threonine) to create the synergic effect needed for its overall action.

** Collactive vs placebo study drmar9 7a, +28% reductionin wrinkle depth.


The benefits :

The natural solution designed to protect your skin and give it structure so as to enhance your glow . This synergic formula nourishes, revitalizes and redefines the contours of your body’ s cells.

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