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Nutri 23

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Nutri 23


Nutri 23

Zu Tai Yang meridian
Balances the vital currents of the retina
The retina is related to the central nervous system. It allows the formation of images. These images are the result of the projection of sight by the anterior chamber of the eye. 
In the process of sight, the retina and the posterior chamber of the eye correspond to the reception of the image, whereas the anterior chamber corresponds to the act of seeing things. The retina belongs to the Kidney-Bladder family.
NUTRI 23 nourishes the posterior chamber of the eye; the retina, vitreous humor. The crystalline lens, between both chambers, is where focusing takes place. It is advised in the following cases: 
Psychological indications:
  • Lack of receptiveness
  • Wanting to see reality as different from what it is
  • Someone who is lost in his or her illusions add NUTRI 31
  • Sense of sight disturbed by fears add NUTRI 22 and NUTRI 31
Physiological indications:
  • NUTRI 23 facilitates the reception of images:
  • To stimulate sight add:
  • For women: NUTRI 32 and NUTRI 35 
  • For men: NUTRI 32 and NUTRI 36 
  • Congestion of the retina add:
  • For women: NUTRI 37 
  • For men: NUTRI 38 
  • For headaches with:
  • For women: NUTRI 30 and NUTRI 37 
  • men: NUTRI 30 and NUTRI 38
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Nutri 23
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