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Nutri 26

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Nutri 26


Nutri 26

Zu Tai Yin meridian
Balances the vital currents of the motor cerebral system, in relation to earth
NUTRI 26 corresponds to the motor system in the central nervous system. This system helps to find one's place in life and is related to the prostate for men and the uterus for women. It is in relation to the sense of taste, and therefore a person’s appetite to be nourished, to live, to exist, to act, to reveal oneself. 
The motor cerebral system belongs to the Stomach-Spleen/Pancreas family.
NUTRI 26 nourishes the vital currents of the motor cerebral system: 
Psychological indications:
  • To regain one's poise when there is intellectual fatigue due to a lack of concrete action
  • When one is “scatterbrained”,
  • To act in a concrete way, add NUTRI 08.
Physiological indications:
  • After dental treatment (any work in the mouth disturbs the sense of taste),
  • Taste problems, loss of taste, in association add:
  • For women: NUTRI 35  ,
  • For men: NUTRI 36 
  • Jet lag add NUTRI 27,
  • Easily fatigued with lowered immunity add NUTRI 15 and NUTRI 33,
  • Following radiotherapy add NUTRI 27 and NUTRI 32.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Nutri 26
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