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Nutri 28

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Nutri 28


Nutri 28

Zu Tai Yin meridian
Balances the vital currents of the uterus
The uterus is a place of life and creation; it expresses the desire to exist and is the means of giving life. While fertilization takes place in the fallopian tubes, implantation takes place in the uterus. Implantation represents the ability to fit into a place and to find one's roots. 
The uterus belongs to the Stomach-Spleen/Pancreas family and is related to the sense of taste.
NUTRI 28  nourishes the vital currents of the uterus. It is useful in the following cases: 
Psychological indications:
  • Trying to please others, difficulty living according to one's own taste
  • To find one's ability to take concrete action
  • For those who don't have their " feet on the ground", are dreamy or absent
  • Difficulty having roots in the place where one lives, depression after moving or while travelling
  • To feel present and grounded, add NUTRI 27
  • Emotional instability, add NUTRI 04
Physiological indications:
  • Disorders of the uterus, menstrual cramps, uterine weakness
  • In pregnancy add NUTRI 24  and NUTRI 33:
  • For contractions at the beginning of gestation, nausea, loss of desire to procreate or to engender
  • To be in harmony with pregnancy, “to adopt” the process of gestation
  • Difficulty conceiving add NUTRI 33
  • Gonalgia (knee pain) in women add NUTRI 17
  • To find one's postural balance, add: NUTRI 09 and NUTRI 17
Nutri 28  is exclusively for women.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Nutri 28
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