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Nutri 29

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Nutri 29


Nutri 29

Zu Tai Yang meridian
Balances the vital currents of the veins
The veins participate, along with the arteries, in blood circulation, which is a process of exchanging information and nutrients back and forth. NUTRI 29 stimulates vein circulation and promotes the return of blood and the reception of information from the cells. Metabolites, which are the result of cellular work and represent what has taken place in the cells, are carried and thus communicated to the rest of the body by the veins. 
The veins belongs to the Kidney-Bladder family and are related to the sense of hearing.
NUTRI 29 is advised in the following cases: 
Psychological indications:
  • Communications problem with others, difficulty listening
  • Feeling sympathetic for the misfortune of others, add NUTRI 04
Physiological indications:
  • Heavy legs, varicosity, tendency towards varicose veins, oedema in the legs
  • Vein congestion in general add:
  • For women: NUTRI 35  and NUTRI 37 
  • For men: NUTRI 36  and NUTRI 38 
  • Dilated veins add NUTRI 31
  • Bruises add:
  • For women: NUTRI 37 
  • For men: NUTRI 38 
  • Arterial high blood pressure add NUTRI 01, NUTRI 04 and NUTRI 22
  • Hemorrhoids add:
  • For women: NUTRI 30, NUTRI 37 
  • For men: NUTRI 30, NUTRI 38 
  • Varicose ulcers, add NUTRI 01, NUTRI 19* and NUTRI 30
  • Certain hearing problems, add:
  • For women: NUTRI 24   and NUTRI 33
  • For men: NUTRI 14  and NUTRI 33
  • Difficulty listening to others and communicating add NUTRI 09, NUTRI 29 and NUTRI 33
  • To stimulate the gonads, add:
  • For women: NUTRI 09 and NUTRI 35 
  • For men: NUTRI 09 and NUTRI 38 
  • Ankle pain, add NUTRI 09 and NUTRI 17
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Nutri 29
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