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Nutri 33

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Nutri 33


Nutri 33

Ren Mai meridian
Balances the vital currents of the Conception
The Conception meridian fulfils a function. and is not associated with any organ. It connects, together with the Governor meridian (Nutri 34), the bottom of the body (sexual pole) with the top of the body (cephalic pole) and facilitates communication between these two extremities. These two meridians allow the individual to be oriented and to find his bearings in the three dimensions of space: up-down, front-back and right-left. 
The function of the Conception meridian is to favour conception in general. It helps a person to conceive his or her life, in a balanced way with his or her five senses.
NUTRI 33 is used in the following cases: 
Psychological indications:
  • Lack of zest, of realization in one's life, even laziness
  • Depression add NUTRI 34
  • Problem distinguishing left from right in children add NUTRI 34 or NUTRI 27
Physiological indications:
  • Difficulty engendering add:
  • For women: NUTRI 28 
  • For men: NUTRI 21 
  • For a harmonious pregnancy add NUTRI 24  and NUTRI 33
  • Stimulation of the gonads add:
  • For women: NUTRI 09, NUTRI 29 and NUTRI 35 
  • For men: NUTRI 09, NUTRI 29 and NUTRI 36 
  • To improve one's hearing add NUTRI 09 and NUTRI 29
  • Stimulation of the sense of smell add:
  • For women: NUTRI 07  and NUTRI 25
  • For men: NUTRI 06  and NUTRI 25
  • To stimulate immune defenses add NUTRI 15 and NUTRI 26
  • Spatial disorientation add NUTRI 34
  • For postural balance add NUTRI 34
  • For hiccups add NUTRI 34
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Nutri 33
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