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Nutri 38

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Nutri 38


Nutri 38

Shou Shao Yang meridian
Balances the vital currents of the Triple Warmer
For men, the Triple Warmer meridian fulfils a function and is not associated with any organ. Its role is that of a general body regulator. It gives heat and life and maintains neuro-sensory balance. It regulates excessive neuro-vegetative hyperexcitability. 
It is paired in its action with the Master of Heart meridian (Nutri 36). This pair, related to the metabolic pole, belongs to the Liver-Gall bladder family and expresses the sense of touch.
NUTRI 38  plays the role of a body regulator:
Psychological indications :
  • Apathetic temperament, add NUTRI 36 
  • To help express one's male polarity, add NUTRI 06  and NUTRI 14 
Physiological indications :
  • Any congestion, add NUTRI 30
  • Bruises, add NUTRI 29
  • Excess of toxins in the blood, add NUTRI 01 and NUTRI 30
  • Headaches, add NUTRI 23 and NUTRI 30
  • Congestive headaches, add NUTRI 01 and NUTRI 30
  • Sinus congestion, add NUTRI 25
  • Retinal congestion, add NUTRI 23
  • Haemorrhoids, add NUTRI 29 and NUTRI 30
  • For help the treatment of cerebral congestive disorders, add NUTRI 36  
  • Loss of sensitivity, add NUTRI 02 and NUTRI 36 
  • Loss of voice, voice problems, add NUTRI 14 and NUTRI 27
  • Elasticity of the skin, add NUTRI 19*
  • Oily hair, add NUTRI 03* and NUTRI 05
  • Elbow pain, add NUTRI 14 , NUTRI 17 and NUTRI 36 
  • Shoulder pain, add NUTRI 05
  • to adapt well to spring, add NUTRI 11, NUTRI 30 and NUTRI 36 
Nutri 38  is exclusively for men.
*This nutrient should always be preceded by Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang in associative Nutripuncture.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Nutri 38
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