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Dietary supplement: Well-Being Sleep + Well-Being Serenity Pack: Lime and Matricaria, Melissa, Hawthorn, Eschscholtzia, Melatonin

The exclusive offer "Peaceful Night Pack" prevents sleep disorders and helps to fight against the difficulties of falling asleep during episodes of stress.

The box of Well-Being Sleep contains 45 capsules.

The box of Well-Being Serenity contains 30 capsules.

Suitable for children from 12 years, teenagers, elderly people.

Precaution of use for the pregnant women for the catch of the Well-Being Serenity.


Strengthen your sleep quality with this pack ! 

A real nutritive complex, it allows you to regain a taste for long, restful nights and calms anxiety both day and night

Activa Well-Being is a range studied for the balance, the comfort and for an action of bottom.

The natural solution Well-Being Sleep is without addiction, to mitigate a lack of sleep of bad quality or a sleep of bad quality, due to a nervous state of hyperexcitability.

Well-Being Serenity acts naturally on the daily stress and the irritability thanks to credits with the recognized properties.

A synergy of natural active ingredients

The synergy of its plants (Melissa, Hawthorn, Eschscholzia, Matricaria, Lime Tree) brings calm and relaxation, supporting the regulation of a quality of sleep:

The Lime Tree and Matricaria for their relaxing and soothing virtues.

The Matricaria and the Melissa contribute to an optimal relaxation, support the physical and mental well-being ans support a quality sleep.

The Hawthorn contributes to decrease irritability, agitation and, in association with the Lime Tree, maintain a state of calm and relaxation.

The Eschscholzia which acts on the night awakenings, helps to fall asleep, calm stress and anxiety.

Melatonin helps to mitigate the effects of jet lag (before bedtime, on the first day of travel and the days following arrival) and to reduce the time to fall asleep (before bedtime).

Without addiction. Without annoying effects in the morning.


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