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Our mission is to assist you in helping your patients regain energy in a simple, safe and effective manner.

You are what you absorb!

Our goal is to give access to a new generation of nutritional supplements, taking into account all the physiological mechanisms of the human body in its entirety and by working with the whole human by one system.

Rather than mask symptoms, our supplements provide the nutrients necessary to support the body's ability to self-regulate when faced with either an internal imbalance or an external disturbance without adverse reactions.

High quality manufacturing and natural ingredients

Our partners have been selected based on their high-quality manufacturing standards and natural ingredients to ensure that their products help you patient's body self regulate when it is confronted with an internal or external disruption.

Discover our brands:

  • Laboratoires Activa 
  • Laboratoires Pronutri
  • Laboratoires Nutrilab

Quality of Service

We want to provide the best experience to practitioners:

  • Detailed information on products
  • Safety and reliance in development and manufacturing quality standard of the products
  • Prompt order preparation and shipping


Activa products comply with French and European regulations (European Directive 2002/46).

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