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Summer season Pack

From June 21 to August 15 

Seasonal change with Nutripuncture®


Summer Pack: Nutripuncture in summer from June 21st to August 15th

Nutri® Yin Nutri® Yang + Nutri® 04 + Nutri® 13

Summer brings energy, while for others it brings a loss of vitality and seasonal disorders manifested by heart weakness, disturbances in assimilation, general fatigue... These disorders can be accompanied by an exacerbated emotional behavior, manifested for example by excessive jealousy linked to a lack of self-love.

At this time of the year, our vitality depends on the self-regulation capacity of the vital currents of the Heart (04) Small Intestine (30) family. In synergy with other vital currents, they regulate the sense of vision.

Summer is therefore a privileged time to potentiate one's resources and thus benefit from an increase in energy.

*Box of 60 tablets


What's Nutripuncture?
Is a unique holistic and natural methodolgy that uses micro-nutrients to energize and balance the body vital currents and stimulate cells self-regulation.

Its foundations come from a combination of scientific Western and Eastern knowledge fields including: the theory of complex systems, Epigenetics, Chinese Medecine, Quantum physics, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology. 

Nutripuncture strengthens communication and the cooperation of all cell groups, thereby ensuring coherence and the psychosomatic integrity of the person.

It consists of 40 different trace mineral blends, each targeting specific areas in the body.
Visit Nutripuncture website for more information.


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