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Active Ingredients: Trace minerals (calcium carbonate, copper gluconate, sodium iodide).

Nutri 35

Balances the vital currents of the Master of Heart

For women, the Master of Heart meridian fulfills a function and is not associated with any organ. It stimulates the functioning of the organs in relation to the cephalic pole, in accordance with one’s polarity. Master of Heart balances feminine sexuality. 
It is paired, in its action with the Triple Warmer meridian (Nutri 37). This pair, related to the metabolic pole, belongs to the Liver-Gall bladder family and expresses the sense of touch.

Intake instructions:
Chew & swallow each NUTRI® separately – To be taken in the order given or after taking Nutri Yin and Nutri Yang – Do not mix numbers

*Box of 60 tablets


What's Nutripuncture?
Is a unique holistic and natural methodolgy that uses micro-nutrients to energize and balance the body vital currents and stimulate cells self-regulation .

Its foundations come from a combination of scientific Western and Eastern knowledge fields including: the theory of complex systems, Epigenetics, Chinese Medecine, Quantum physics, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology. 

Nutripuncture strengthens communication and the cooperation of all cell groups, thereby ensuring coherence and the psychosomatic integrity of the person.

It consists of 40 different trace mineral blends, each targeting specific areas in the body.
Visit Nutripuncture website for more information.

Nutri 35

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