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Stress & Anxiety


Activa Chrono Serenity is formulated to act very quickly on various stress mechanisms. It promotes physical and mental well-being to restore calm and relaxation as well as a quality sleep. A natural complex specially formulated to act naturally on daily stress and irritability due to the active ingredients of the recognised properties.

Activa Chrono Serenity helps to restore the internal body clock for optimum circadian cycles day/night, improved restful sleep and increased vitality during the day.


The natural solution to improving your brain functions, maintaining your cardiac functions, and supporting your visual function.

The 6000 TG, an oil from a wild deep-water fish of the cold seas (in a very pure version), and the fish 1812 TG contain in a natural state a high concentration of long-chain Omega-3: EPA and DHA, which are well known for their action on the cognitive lipid functions and for maintaining normal cardiac (EPA/DHA) and visual (DHA) functions.

The EPA and DHA work synergistically to boost each other’s action.


A natural complex designed to act naturally on daily stress and irritability to relax and find peace of mind.


The natural solution to enjoy a good and long restful night and feel energized during the day!


Activa Chrono HRPS concentrates the effectiveness of 6 natural active ingredients to strengthen the body’s defences.


Micro minerals blend to restore your internal body clock

**This product will be different for man and woman.


Micro minerals blend for blues free

**This product is the same for man and woman.

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