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Cardio Oleatonic contains a sequential formulation of EPAX grade extremely pure oils: EPA and DHA to maintain your cardiac functions and support your visual function to maximize the brain’s development potential. 


A biocompatible complex, specially made to support and restore the female microbiota, essential for the balance and natural defenses of women.

Essential for the balance and natural defenses of women


Helps effectively combat momentary tiredness. Promotes physical and mental performance.


Heavy, tired legs, varicose veins and poor circulation are all signs of poor venous tone.

Well Being Circulation contains a synergistic combination of 4 plants that are known to support a healthier blood circulation at several levels:


A natural biocompatible complex that supports skin cells from the inside because of its formula, hydrates and protects the skin against external aggressors thanks to its hight quality oils.


Well-Being Respiration combines the power of 4 plants to protect the respiratory mucosa and help your body fight respiratory ailments.

Clear your airways in no time. Soothes the respiratory tract and relieves dry and wet cough.


Activa Well Being Slimness helps refine the shape and reduce the appearance of “orange-peel” skin, promote release and elimination of fats by increasing the metabolism of sugars and facts, clean up the toxins, stimulate the digestion and avoids tiredness feeling.

An enriched formula which combines 5 specific active ingredients to promote weight and figure control.


A natural biocompatible complex that supports skin cells from the inside because of its formula, a complex of marine collagen and elastin peptides , and enhances its youthful glow . Hydrosoluble keratin  penetrates and optimally  which reduced the size of wrinkles during a clinical observation. The formula helps to revitalize the skin

Well Being SkinGlow ’ s powerful natural active ingredients are amino-dynamized into essential fatty nourishes the cells that need it most in order to restore your skin’ s radiance. acids (cystine and threonine) to create the synergic effect needed for its overall action.



Prepare your skin to sun exposure with Activa Well-being Sun

A synergistic complex of vegetable oils from the first cold press with an action that works on several sectors of the skin.


The natural solution to enjoy a good and long restful night and feel energized during the day!


Supports healthy joints with flexibility, pain relief, strong cartilage but most importantly reduction of inflammation.

Joint inflammation is often the source of pain and cartilage destruction in the joints.
Packed with anti-inflammatory active ingredients, Activa Well Being Joint restores healthy joints and promotes the natural construction of cartilage by the body.


Activa Well Being Hair is here to help you fight hair loss, stimulate growth of existing and new hair and improve hair quality & vitality naturally.
The nourishing and stimulating properties of this complex fight the factors responsible for hair loss (sebum excess, poor micro-circulation and oxidation).

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