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The new range with your physiology in mind.

External stimuli weaken the body, which can lead to immune imbalance.

ACTIVA Nutri PF21 is a protocol to support the body. It activates immune resources, weakened by external aggressions, to boost defenses.


To best meet your needs, the Activa Nutri range is composed exclusively of active ingredients of natural origin, selected for their high nutritional quality and synergistic action.

The trace elements in the Activa Nutri range are assembled sequentially to avoid any interaction with other elements. This assembly makes them bio-compatible and bio-available. These formulas have no side effects. Trace elements are pure minerals essential to our body's functioning, but present in very small quantities.

They have a precise and fundamental role in biological and information processes: a deficiency can lead to dysfunctions, often at the root of our daily ailments (fatigue, stress, difficulty sleeping...).

This trace element formula has been specially developed to provide you with a response to a specific imbalance. Once these constants are rebalanced, the disturbance no longer finds a source to continue existing, and is gradually extinguished. The strength of our research lies in having decoded the language of the components of certain terrains. This is what gives us our astonishing results.

Formulation explained:

Trace minerals are micro minerals which are essential to life and to optimal body functions. They are present in the organism in low quantities. They play a specific and fundamental role in the body biological process and cary information. A deficiency can often be the cause of various daily ailments (stress, fatigue, sleep difficulties…).


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